Many times it is hard or very expensive to unlock your cell phone that you have got from another country and you want to use it somewhere else. Every time you out your SIM card in the mobile phone, it will give you a command that your phone is restricted by displaying phone locked, please insert correct sim and even invalid sim.


That is where we provide you with such a great and an amazing service. We offer our expertise to unlock your mobile phone regardless of make or model as we can unlock most mobile phones in the UK, Europe, Asian, Chinese and American markets. You can use all networks after we unlocked it subject to handset capability.

Though there are numerous unlocking advantages but the best so far is the advantage of switching between different networks too enjoy best rates. Many times when you try to insert a different Sim in your handset, you are given a warning that either the Sim is invalid or you have to enter the unlock code. Now with the help of unlocking you can unlock and use any Sim on in phone. Besides that you can also take your hand set along with you when you are traveling on holiday to save roaming costs and the expense of buying a new phone or simcard there.

Normally the basic reason for which anyone would like to unlock his phone is the reason for using it internationally or using different networks on your mobile phone. With the help of unlocking you can take your hand set along with you to any country and use any type of Sim on it.

At Millfield we believe in customer satisfaction and clear dealing. We want you to get the real worth of your money. However if you want to know whether you phone has been successfully unlocked or not, you can simply put in an international Sim or try to operate your hand set after it has been unlocked. This way if you are able to make calls and use all the features of your cell phone, it means that you phone has been unlocked. If however, the phone now accepts all simcards but you cannot make/receive calls then its could possible be a handset fault or even barred by the networks as a lost/stolen phone therefore we always advise against buying a phone from unreputable sellers online and offline.

You can sometimes get the sim restriction network code from your phone operator by contacting them directly. The problem we have found is that they charge approx £20.00 or more and they take upto 14 working days. Who wants to wait that long nowadays? Thats why we at Millfield Mobile Link provide you a best in class service throughout the Peterborough and surrounding areas.

Still not sure?

Yes, unlocking simply removes the network lock and SIM lock that are entered into the phones software when sold to you by the network.

If you obtained your phone on a contract, you should consider that the phone remains the property of the network until you have completed your 12 month contract. Unlocking your phone while under contract may be a breach of your contract. You may wish to check with your contract supplier to see if unlocking is prohibited before attempting to get your phone unlocked by us.

Removing the network restriction on your mobile phone can damage it if you attempt to get this done by unprofessional means but here at Millfield Mobile Link we use robust systems and strategies. Our systems are regularly tested to be bug free. We can assure you of no damage to your handset.

We can unlock phones from all UK and International networks including Orange, Vodafone, Tmobile, O2, Fresh, Asda Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Virgin, 3 Network and all types of foreign handsets from the latest Nokia SL3 to Apple iPhone 4s.

It can be extremely frustrating sometimes if you have a mobile phone with a locking passcode. What if you forget your passcode? What if someone gets ahold of your phone and changes your passcode and you can’t figure it out? What if there is a glitch in your phone’s system and it won’t recognize your passcode? These are all problems that mobile phone owners face every day all over the world. All UK networks and international networks get calls daily from mobile network customers expressing complaints about their phone’s locking system. All UK networks and international networks have different ways of dealing with phone unlocking problems. It all depends on the mobile network service provider and the type of mobile phone the customer has.

Mobile phones are a necessity in today’s society. People would be lost without them. Mobile phones are used in so many different ways. People use their mobiles phones for:

  • Business purposes
  • Connecting to the internet
  • Checking their email
  • Staying connected with business associates and bosses
  • Conference calls via mobile phone call
  • Electronic calendar
  • Mini electronic filing cabinet
  • Mini electronic daily reminder
  • Mini computer
  • Personal purposes
  • Staying connected with friends and family
  • Mini electronic daily reminder
  • Camera
  • Video recorder
  • Connecting to the internet
  • GPS or electronic map

Because people keep personal and private things such as messages, emails, pictures, and phone numbers on their mobile phones, it is vital that the phone has a locking system to keep their information secure. All UK networks and international networks provide different types of mobile phones to their customers depending on their needs. Every type of mobile phone has a different way to lock and unlock and different ways of fixing phone unlocking problems.

The Apple iPhone is probably the most popular mobile phone on the market today. They range from the iPhone 2, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S. Almost all UK networks and international networks provide the Apple iPhone as a choice to their customers when they sign up for a pay as you go plan or a monthly plan.

The Apple iPhone lock system is a pretty basic design, just as the Nokia lock system. However, some customers experience technical difficulties when trying to switch to a different sim card.


If you bought your mobile phone in the United States and are traveling to the United Kingdom on business or pleasure, you will need a different sim card. The mobile network provider that you have in the United States may not be available in the United Kingdom, or vice versa. Your phone will most likely show that there is an error and tell you to insert the correct sim card. This is because your phone’s sim card is for the service provider that may not be available overseas.

We as a mobile phone service company that can help you with this problem. They offer services in iPhone lock problems, Nokia lock problems, and other mobile phone manufacturers’ phone lock problems.


Here is a description of the phone unlocking services we can provide and some other basic information to help you better understand the phone unlocking process.

    • Millfield Mobile Link deals with unlocking all types of phones from different network providers. They have experienced technicians that can solve your iPhone lock problem, Nokia lock problem, or any other phone lock problem you may have.
    • You can either take your mobile phone directly into one of their store locations or send it in by mail. They will then give you a free quote on how much it will cost you to unlock your phone. They will also give you an estimate on how long it will take. The time it takes to unlock your phone depends on a few things such as the make and model of your phone, how much work is involved, and your mobile network service provider.
    • They also want to make sure that you are aware of your contract with your mobile network service provider. If you are still under contract with your service provider, having your mobile phone unlocked by an outside source may be a breach of contract. Make sure you check with your mobile network service provider before you have this done by an outside source.
  • We offer these services to customers from all over the world! They are very knowledgeable and have qualified technicians to answer any questions you may have. We service all UK and international mobile networks. These networks include:

          • Vodafone
          • Orange
          • O2
          • T-Mobile
          • Asda Mobile
          • Fresh
          • Virgin Mobile
          • Tesco Mobile
          • 3 Network

    We can unlock most types of handsets - whether it is a Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, Sony, or LG.